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Reach your target audience Quantopix Analytics System (QAS) is a platform for data analysis and for developing analytics apps. QAS connects to most of Enterprise Class SQL Database Managers and provides instant capabilities to build datasets and data groups from disjointed databases to prepare it for analysis. QAS provides a comprehensive and extensible set of statistical functions to instantly profile your data. It comes with advanced yet easy to invoke charting capabilities for interactively visualizing the data as well as generating static chart images. QAS comes with a built-in PHP and JavaScript App builder to help users extend the system functions and create custom applications for specific business needs.

Rapid App Development

QAS lets you build analysis Apps within minutes using a powerful set of APIs for data manipulation including time-series and text classifications. QAS includes a comprehensive list of math, statistics, and matrix manipulation functions for numeric analysis. The APIs include Multiple Linear Regression model generation, k-means clustering model generation, and a Predict API for both models.

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The following presentation gives an overview of the QAS Platform:

Quantopix analytics system (qas) from Al Sabawi

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