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Quantopix Analytics System (QAS) Open Beta Released

Announcement of Software Release by Quantopix Technologies, LLC
Date: February 24, 2014

Binghamton, NY - Quantopix Technologies, LLC announced today the availability of Quantopix Analytics System (QAS) software package for data analysis. QAS was developed to help small to medium size businesses capitalize on their existing business data to make real-time business decisions. The software helps decision makers perform quick statistical analysis and build custom apps for their specific business needs. The first release of QAS will run on Linux servers equipped with a basic web-server stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP). It supports the most common SQL data engines for businesses such as Oracle Enterprise Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, SQLite, and others. It was designed to run in the middle layer between the web server and the databases where raw business data is kept. This architecture allows a total flexibility for accessing all company data whether it was on the same server, cloud, within the company's firewall, or even out on the internet somewhere.

QAS Software was designed to be extensible where users can add their own custom functions and tools through user apps.  It has outstanding ease-of-use for all business professionals and seasoned analysts alike. QAS was built as a multi-user system that runs on a single server or in a cloud environment. The software was built for full collaborations and sharing among users so databases, datasets, charts, apps, and analysis models can be shared between authorized users.

For a free trial of QAS beta, register and create an account at

About Quantopix Technologies, LLC
Quantopix Technologies, LLC is a business consultant and a software provider established in 2012 to address a growing need for data management and analysis in corporate infrastructures. Quantopix's mission is to help small to medium size businesses access tools and decision support analysis that were only available to big businesses with mainframe capabilities.

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