Analytics Platform Customized For Your Needs

Most off-the-shelf analytics tools run on Laptops or Desktops. If you are using a spreadsheet based tool, you would need to either connect to a database server or manually copy files into your spreadsheet. You would spend time filtering and formatting the data before you can even start your analysis. You will be using the relatively weak processing power of a laptop to run cpu-intensive computations on large data that laptops never intended to do. This is a complex and slow approach that frustrates many analysts! There is a better approach.

Our approach is far more efficient and logical. Data should remain where their Database Managers keep them, while Analytics tools should run on servers where the computational muscles reside. All interaction, visualization, and charting are done from a web interface where current web technology provides a very rich media platform for graphics and user control. This employs the reliability, security, and scalability of the server while allowing sharing and real-time collaboration among many authorized users.

Here are some of the benefits of our approach: