Move Your Business to the Cloud

With all the buzz about cloud computing, businesses are wondering if moving their business software to a commercial cloud hosting will reduce their IT cost and improve user experience.

Obviously there is no quick answer. There are clear advantages for migrating public and private business applications to the cloud, but in some cases issues related to infrastructure technologies, security, and backup can make this migration a risky venture. To start off, your current stack of software and networking components need to be carefully analyzed for adaptation to the target cloud configuration. This may entail rewriting code, reconfiguring, or porting of your software to work reliably and securely within the cloud's environment. Improper capacity planning for resources needed by your software on the cloud is another concern that can result in outages when they are least expected. While most cloud providers install basic security safeguards on their systems, your environment in the cloud may require more protection and tighter monitoring of security breaches to keep your records safe.

Overall, managing your software in the cloud is a different experience from managing it in your back office.

We can help analyze your current stack and application requirements and determine their readiness for cloud migration. We can outline the needed changes and size the effort and cost for making them cloud ready. We will work with you to reduce cost and minimize potential future problems that can be costly to your business.

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