Quantopix Professional Services


Web based Application Development using LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) or Custom Stack of AIX, Windows, DB2, Oracle, NoSQL, or other structured Data


Have legacy applications you want ported to a Cloud based stack? Custom apps you want maintained or supported? Call us to discuss a solution.


Streamline your cost of data management from multiple sources. Let us migrate your SQL Data to the Cloud and develop a single interface for your queries. We can migrate and organize your unstructured text documents to make them searchable from a simplified web interface


Developing a website may seem as a straight forward task. But if you rely on your site for attracting customers, generating sales, and conducting reliable secure transactions while sustaining spikes of web traffic, then you need expertise in secure, fault-tolerant, recoverable, and transactional architecture that serves dynamic contents and completes transactions free of duplications, inconsistencies, or data loss. Quantopix applies the most robust architecture to build secure transactional web services to custom suit your current and future needs.


An End-to-End Project Management, from Requirements to Design, Execution to Deployment, Documentation to Maintenance. A Professional Full System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Management