Build Your Cloud Business Applications

Quantopix can develop custom cloud applications for your business which employees with secure access can use on Laptops, iPads, Tablets, or Smartphones anywhere.

Where are we heading?

Workstation based business applications were once the only way to empower your workforce and allow everyone to collaborate efficiently. You needed to download the application to each desktop or laptop, install it, configure it, upgrade it, support it from your help desk, fix it when it stops working, keep track of its license and renew it for each user on time. That was a tall order for any size business.

Advances in cloud based application technologies, secure, simple, and reliable architectures like SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) or RESTful (Representational State Transfer) provided a framework for building server hosted enterprise class applications that can be designed to run in most web browsers from a Smartphone to a powerful Desktop Workstation.

We believe web hosted applications were a major leap in simplifying computing for businesses and everyone else. The trend will continue in the same direction where end users interact with applications without worrying about the nuts and bolts of how they work or where they reside. Without a doubt, this advancement in application development is a tremendous boost for efficency, cost saving, mobility, and empowerment of employees we have not seen for a long time.

Migrating your current Workstation Apps

If you are relying on a workstation (laptop/desktop) application for your business, you are well advised to consider migration to an equivalent web hosted one. If you have invested in a custom build application and is reluctant to change, then consider gradual migration where certain functions can be deployed in a web application and later expanded until all functionalities are ported to the web. Most web applications are naturally extensible and are built to grow as needed. Contact us for assessing your migration possibilities to a web hosted application.

Tell us about the web application you have in mind.