Database Design, Deployment, Migration, and Consolidation

Your business data is possibly the most underutilized asset you have. Information about your customers' preferences, your sales, your products quality, your marketing campaigns, and much more can be integrated and intelligently used to guide your decisions. Most businesses have their information scattered in many formats and across several databases. Integrating and consolidating these databases can payoff relatively quickly.

We have the expertise to evaluate your data sources, migrate legacy data, and design a uniform interface to access and manage them simply and efficiently. Our expertise is in Oracle, IBM DB2, and MySQL Systems, but we can work with many of the other popular database management systems to consolidate your data management.

If your business is currently experiencing a surge of data volume and constant streams coming from your website clicks, twitter and Facebook responses, customer feedback and comments, then you need to take a hard look at how you process, retain, and manage this data. An overload of information can either slow you down or can be a great resource for making quicker and more inteligent business decisions.

Consult with us on using high bandwidth storage servers from IBM, EMC, HP, or Dell to deal with your data volume increase. We can also assist you in migrating your legacy data to a secure public cloud such as AWS or RackSpace.

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