Project Management

Project Management is our core competency. We apply the most effective methodologies practiced in the technology industry. Indeed we are ahead of the pack when it comes to managing down cost and finishing tasks on schedule.


We apply the following methodologies depending on the nature of the project:


This nimble methodology is function and test driven and is intended to accumulate successes in the project towards completing all requirements. Once the overall architecture is established, engineers go through iterations of Requirement->Design->Code->Unit Test->Function Test->System Test for each component of the project


This is the traditional methodology of project management for software development where Requirements are completed first, followed by a full design, followed by coding, unit testing, and finally a cycle of full testing, fixing bugs, and re-testing until most of the bugs are addressed.


Depending on the nature of the project, both of the above methodologies can be combined in varying degrees to complete the project. A sub-project may require a cycle of investigation and research and full design prior to coding followed by a full system test. Other sub-projects may have a clearer path to completion and lend themselves readily to iterative development.

Project Processes:

Quality Processes:

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