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Why would I need ServiceQ?

ServiceQ by Quantopix is Service-Centric. It helps manage many aspects of service employee/client relationships. It eliminates paperwork through customized forms, manages appointments and schedules through employee/client calendars, logs service time and time charges, manages client records and uploaded documents, tracks accounts receivables, issues and emails invoices, and generates client statements. This is all done in real time.
Whether the service is managing elderly care services, legal cases, fitness and training centers, therapy practices, landscaping, or hauling and moving services, ServiceQ can be customized to meet each particular management needs.
ServiceQ is focused on managing the valuable time each employee spends on serving his or her clients. Employees can create an engagement term for individual clients, or for a group of clients who are serviced together. ServiceQ will keep the clients up-to-date through email notifications throughout the term.
The software manages individual or group enrollments, maintains enrollment records, logs employee hours spent on each client, helps employees record service notes and upload relevant documents, and generates accurate billable time logs for each employee and client.
ServiceQ works with the leading online payment service to process single and re-occurring client payments, so you can focus on providing the best service and not on managing paper work.

Base Features

Base Features

Itemize & Price Your Services

Manage your employees time and efforts more clearly

Engage & Enroll Clients

Create and Manage Individualized Programs

Engage & Enroll Groups

Create Group Programs and Manage Enrollments

Schedule and Manage Appointments

Manage Employees and their Clients Appointments. Email invitations and updates

Log Services

Simple and Quick Service Time and Notes Logging

Track Charges & Client Payments

Structure charges by Enrollment and/or Service Time or just a flat rate.

Create Individual Notes & Forms

Record client notes, forms, and upload relevant client documents

Track Accounts Receivables

View real-time accounts receivables and client statements

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Level 1

10 or fewer users
50 or fewer active clients

$99.00 / Month

Level 2

11 to 30 users
250 or fewer active clients

$149.00/ Month

Level 3

Above 31 users
Above 250 active clients


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